Polar Bears of Churchill

Illuminated by the waning day's sun

Originates in Winnipeg. Travel to Churchill by train to view the polar bear migration. Two full days of bear viewing on the Tundra Buggy®. Also includes tour of Churchill and Cape Merry with introduction to life in Churchill on the edge of the Arctic, visit with sled dogs, and an evening with a local Métis storyteller.

Minnesota Vignettes

17-26 May, 2017. Originates in Buffalo, New York; concludes in St. Paul. Explore the by-ways and Scandianavian heritage in Minnesota's North Woods and Iron Range. Also includes Niagara Falls and VIA Rail's "Canadian" from Toronto to Winnipeg.

Oregon Caper with SP#4449

SP #4449

22-27 June, 2017. Originates in Los Angeles. Travel Amtrak's Coast Starlight to Portland, to connect with 2 day excursion to Bend, Oregon with former Southern Pacific steam locomotive #4449. Return to Los Angeles on the Coast Starlight, or optional conclude in Portland.


7 - 19 September, 2017 Come with Mountain Outin' to explore an island where some of the earth's oldest and newest lands meet in a collision of fire and ice. This is the land of the Vikings, an important tradition part of today's culture.